UpdatesDec 08, 2022

Winamp integrates music NFTs on the Ethereum and Polygon networks

The well-known media player allows users to play audio files stored in the form of non-exchangeable tokens.

The computer program used to play most audio and video files has integrated music NFTs from the Ethereum and Polygon networks into its platform. A newly introduced feature allows Winamp users to play audio files embedded on the blockchain as non-fungible tokens.

Winamp integrates music NFTs on the Ethereum and Polygon networks

A media player released in 1997 recently announced that it would allow music fans to play it with non-fungible tokens. The new version of Winamp will allow users to connect to MetaMask via Brave, Chrome and Firefox browsers.

The mentioned program supports NFTs issued in the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards and is compatible with the Ethereum and Polygon networks. Non-fungible tokens are proof of digital ownership. They are unique, tamper-proof and impossible to counterfeit.

In recent years, the use of NFT on various levels has increased significantly. They are used in many ways - to save unique photos, videos, music or other things of value to potential buyers.

“Winamp's history has always focused on accessibility and numerous innovations, and today we are proud to launch the first standalone player that is capable of reading NFT audio files as well as all other existing formats. Its new version allows people to listen to any file using the player they already love and have known for many years,” emphasized Alexandre Saboundjian (CEO of Winamp).

This player aims to become a universal and advanced platform designed to play files related to blockchain technology.

More and more artists want to enter the Web3 space

Music creators see non-fungible tokens as a new interesting source of income. They can also be a useful tool for creators to deepen their relationship with fans. For this reason, more and more famous personalities decide to commune with this technology.

Among the artists who decided to earn money in this way, there was recently an American DJ and music producer - Justin Blau known under the pseudonym 3LAU. He launched his own platform with NFT under the name Royal NFT. Its supporters can invest in songs or albums by buying non-fungible tokens representing a percentage of streaming rights.

The well-known singer Justin Bieber also has experiments with blockchain technology and NFT tokens. This year he joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) community.