UpdatesMar 26, 2023

Will the Deutsche Bank crisis increase the price of digital currencies?

The 15% drop in the value of Deutsche Bank shares had a negative effect on other European listed banks.

Shares of Deutsche Bank, which is a global financial institution with branches in over 60 countries around the world, have recently lost over 15% of their value. This event led to an extremely negative effect on other European listed banks. The question that naturally arises in this regard is whether the price of Bitcoin and other digital currencies could increase in the event of further problems with Deutsche Bank?

Will Deutsche bank's problems help cryptocurrencies?

Deutsche Bank offers a wide range of financial services such as investment and corporate banking, asset management, wealth management, retail banking as well as transaction banking. Despite this, the German bank has been involved in many controversies in recent years, including accusations of money laundering, stock market manipulation and numerous financial frauds. In recent years, this financial institution has gone through a fundamental restructuring and management changes have been made to improve its financial performance.

Recent developments related to Deutsche Bank mean that the bank may become the focus of another potential banking crisis. The bank lost more than 14% of its shares on Friday, triggering a series of declines in the global financial sector.


Although the bank's share price improved slightly towards the end of the session, the market remains extremely skeptical and the banking crisis, which began with the collapse of US tech banks, continues to take a bloody toll.

Impact of Deutsche Bank's problems on cryptocurrency markets

The question to ask yourself is whether the price of BTC and other digital currencies could increase in the event of further problems with Deutsche Bank? From the perspective of today, there have been no significant changes in the cryptocurrency market. The price of Bitcoin is still hovering below the $28,000 mark and it seems that it has not reacted to the news about Deutsche Bank's problems so far.


Nevertheless, it is possible that the price of BTC and other digital currencies could increase in the coming days if there is a further loss of confidence in the banking sector.

The announced increase in the price of digital assets may also be due to the potential difficulties that Deutsche Bank and other European banks may encounter in the near future.

The last weeks on the global financial market bring a lot of disturbing information. The collapse of several banks, including Silicon Valley and Signature Bank, raises many doubts and fears among investors. Do these events mean another global financial crisis? Can this situation be reversed? Or are we facing a repeat of 2008, when the collapse of the Lehman Brothers bank triggered an avalanche of events that led to the destruction of the world economy?