UpdatesSep 12, 2023

Vitalik Buterin fell victim to a daring hacker attack on the X platform (Twitter)

The account of the main Ethereum creator on Elon Musk's website was attacked.

The cryptocurrency world has just been informed that hackers have hacked into the official profile of Russian-Canadian programmer Vitalik Buterin. At the moment, circumstantial evidence indicates that it was breached by fraudsters whose strategy is to spread phishing links. The above-mentioned hack attack in the form of a post offering free digital collectibles reportedly resulted in heavy losses. This is because as a result of this incident, followers of the Ethereum co-founder lost approximately $690,000.

Vitalik Buterin's X platform account was apparently compromised by bold fraudsters trying to drain the crypto wallets of users unaware of this criminal activity. The post published by the hackers essentially suggested that the popular Russian-Canadian developer was celebrating another major update in Ethereum's scaling process. For this reason, he allegedly decided to airdrop free non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

It is worth adding here that last Saturday, Vitalik Buterin's father reacted sharply to the published entry, writing to definitely ignore it because his son's account had been scandalously hacked. Dmitry Buterin also noted that efforts to regain access to Vitalik's account are ongoing.

Scheme of fraudsters' operation

The fraudulent post offered the 29-year-old's followers to click on a link and then connect to their own cryptocurrency wallet to claim the alleged reward from the post's content. In reality, however, the fraudulent scheme stole private keys to the wallets of naive users and then withdrew the digital currencies collected by the deceived users.

Data recently made available by a well-known cryptocurrency analyst, who often appears on the X platform under the pseudonym ZachXBT, clearly shows that the total amount collected by the perpetrators of this shocking attack is over $691,000.

Fraud related to Vitalik Buterin's account

It is worth adding here that the most valuable stolen cryptocurrency assets included Cryptopunk #3983 and Cryptopunk #1751. The value of the above-mentioned NFTs was as much as 153.62 ETH and 58.18 ETH, respectively.

An important fact is that a warning about the daring hack into Vitalik Buterin's account was also issued by the popular Chinese journalist Colin Wu. In his post, the man admitted that the official profile of the founder of Uniswap and member of the Ethereum Foundation - Hayden Adams - was recently affected by a similar attack.