UpdatesSep 03, 2022

Trezor starts cooperation with MoonPay

Customers of a well-known company producing hardware wallets will be able to easily purchase virtual currencies.

Czech manufacturer of hardware wallets - Trezor will allow its customers to purchase cryptocurrencies directly via the Invity platform founded by Satoshi Labs and cooperating with MoonPay. It provides the ability to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies - all Trezor users will be able to do this directly from their wallet.

The new partnership established by Trezor will enable its users to purchase cryptocurrencies directly

The popular Czech manufacturer of hardware wallets for the secure offline storage of cryptocurrencies has established a partnership in which it will use the functions of the Invity platform more widely.

This cooperation will ensure that all Trezor customers will be able to purchase, sell and exchange virtual currencies directly in their own application. MoonPay is a service focused on providing digital payments and is supported by investors from the crypto industry, including Tiger Global and Coatue.

Trezor has already used Invity, which is controlled by the parent company based in Prague, namely Satoshi Labs. So far, however, this platform has been used as a cryptocurrency comparison tool. This was possible because it was then directly integrated into Trezor's hardware wallet.

The current collaboration is another major achievement for Trezor, which previously allowed the purchase of virtual currencies in its native application called Trezor Suite.

"By allowing Trezor wallet owners to buy cryptocurrencies directly from their wallet, we reach the most committed group of users who take security very seriously," emphasized Antonio Talledo (Senior Business Development Manager at MoonPay).

Hardware wallets are characterized by the highest security thanks to the fact that they function offline. So stealing funds stored on them is much more difficult. For this reason, they are eagerly used by long-term investors or whales who want to keep their crypto assets for a longer period of time.