UpdatesFeb 06, 2023

The Tron network using OpenAI and ChatGPT plans to launch a new decentralized payment system

A significant extension of the usability of one of the key cryptocurrency projects is coming.

The founder of the Tron network, Justin Sun, announced on Saturday a plan for a decentralized payment platform oriented on blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) for ChatGPT and OpenAI systems.

Justin Sun plans to integrate Tron with ChatGPT

Tron network founder Justin Sun announced plans to integrate the Tron blockchain and AI systems like ChatGPT and OpenAI in a series of tweets on Feb. 4 to build an AI-centric decentralized payment structure. This is to set new standards in decentralized finance, bringing a new level of efficiency and convenience to payment systems.

The extension framework includes a smart contract system based on the Tron blockchain, the payment layer protocol, the underlying SDK (Software development kit - a set of tools for programmers necessary to create applications that use the functionality of a given library for a given platform, hardware, etc.) and an AI payment gateway. The smart contract system can be used to store user questions and AI results in the BitTorrent BTFS decentralized file storage system.


Moreover, the payment layer protocol intends to provide smooth and convenient settlement on the Tron blockchain. Meanwhile, the interaction layer provides users with standard billing and APIs for AI services. However, this requires TRX and BTT to achieve fully decentralized storage and DAO management.

In addition, Justin Sun intends to incorporate Just (JST), Sun, APENFT Marketplace apps into a payment framework fully compliant with the Tron blockchain. This entrepreneur believes that this solution will provide customers with a better experience and profits. For this reason, he wants all tokens and projects related to Tron to be equipped with AI systems.

WinkLink to integrate Oracle's AI features

According to Sun, a suitable system would be trustworthy, secure and tamper-proof. In addition to this, he added that WinkLink (Oracle) will include Oracle's AI features. This would focus on addressing the decision-making challenges required by on-chain smart contracts.

Tron focuses on sustainable development

In the meantime, TRON DAO has also published its weekly highlights, listing all the significant achievements that have happened in the last seven days.

The most important of these was the launch of the TRON Climate Initiative. With this new program, TRON will invite other organizations to lead the blockchain industry towards sustainable development, which is one of the most important trends in modern economics and administration.