UpdatesDec 06, 2022

The Opera Crypto web browser will allow NFT minting

The new tool is to allow users to freely interact with non-exchangeable tokens.

Opera Crypto CEO Susie Batt recently revealed that users of this web browser will soon be able to quickly and easily create new NFT tokens. Moreover, they will incur absolutely no fees for using this platform. The new partnership with Alteon LaunchPad aims to enable newcomers to the Web3 and NFT space to easily mint non-fungible tokens and promote this new area of the digital economy.

Opera Crypto will allow NFT minting

Digital-currency-friendly web browser Opera Crypto has informed the media about a new partnership with Alteon LaunchPad. Thanks to this cooperation, these companies will launch a function that allows users to mint non-fungible tokens.

The mechanism will be designed in such a way that interested parties will be able to drag multimedia files to the browser, which will then be sent and saved on the blockchain as NFT. According to Opera Crypto CEO Susie Batt, this will allow users to create these types of tokens in a quick, easy and intuitive way.

Thanks to the new NFT-centric tool from Opera Crypto, people new to Web3 will be able to interact with this innovative ecosystem. It also means that artists from many backgrounds will be able to create non-fungible tokens in a less complicated and free way.

Alteon LaunchPad will be responsible for providing the NFT minting tool. Its co-founder, Matt Cimaglia, stated that the goal of this integration is to provide equal opportunities for content creators from different backgrounds.

Our partnership with Opera bridges the technology gap between traditional creators and the Web3 developer economy, ensuring that everyone will be able to take advantage of the opportunities that blockchain technologies offer,” explained Matt Cimaglia.

The Opera Crypto web browser released by Opera was launched on January 19 this year for Windows, Mac and Android. Its task is to give users access to decentralized applications (dApps), games and platforms in the metaverse technology. A few months later, this product was also made available for iPhone and iPad.