UpdatesJan 16, 2023

The court case between Ripple and the SEC may end in a settlement, an expert predicts

After a long court battle, the digital currency community awaits the final ruling.

A popular commentator on the court case between Ripple Labs and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) - John Deaton shared his prediction about its final settlement. In his opinion, the parties to the dispute, which began at the end of 2020, will probably reach a settlement. This solution would eliminate any potential appeals.

The case between Ripple and the SEC may end in a settlement

The court battle between the well-known company to which the XRP cryptocurrency belongs and the American independent state agency has been going on since December 2020. It was then that this entity sued Ripple Labs for selling unregistered securities in the form of a native cryptocurrency.

The case dragged on for years, with both sides adamant. Well-known commentator on this dispute - John Deaton recently stated that they may eventually go to a settlement. In this situation, the possibility of any potential trial by jury, as well as any appeal, would be eliminated.

The observer of the conflict between the SEC and Ripple presented his position in a post on Twitter. However, some members of the virtual currency community did not like this forecast. He had previously conducted a poll of his followers, with a majority of people voting for the settlement.

Previously, John Deaton also speculated that in 2023, the next target for the SEC will be cryptocurrency exchanges. In his opinion, this authority could accuse them of selling unregistered securities in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Impact of the dispute on the value of XRP

The cryptocurrency belonging to the Ripple project, unlike other leading digital currencies, did not take part in the 2021 price rally. This was due to investors' concerns about the SEC lawsuit. Ripple recorded its ATH 5 years ago - at the beginning of January 2018. It then amounted to $3.84 per coin.

Currently, XRP is trading around $0.3718 per coin with a total market capitalization of over $18.8 billion. This cryptocurrency ranks 6th among the largest projects in the industry.