UpdatesAug 07, 2023

Tether introduces productivity-enhancing software for Bitcoin miners

The “Tether BTC” mining software was created to improve the effective management of mining capacities.

Developers responsible for the development of the Tether ecosystem intend to release innovative JavaScript libraries. This action is intended to facilitate the transmission of commands and signals to the mining equipment that is used to mine Bitcoin. The latest system includes WhatsMiner, Antminer and AvalonMiner.

Tether has created software for BTC miners

The director of technology at Bitfinex and Tether - Paolo Ardoino recently presented a new technological solution that was created by the world's largest stablecoin issuer. In a Twitter post, he noted that an efficient development team has almost finished creating well-polished JavaScript libraries that are necessary to control and interact with whatsminers, antminers and avalon miners.

It is worth noting that the main goal of the mining software developed by Tether programmers is to lead to a much better management of mining capacities. This, in turn, is expected to result in more efficient operations.

During his speech, Paolo Ardoino also mentioned his role in the project as the main co-creator of the technological solution called Moria. What's more, he added that all the latest "products" were built by engineers using Holepunch technology.

At this point, it should be pointed out that in his previous post, the CTO in the Tether project focused in particular on the functionality of the Moria tool. The mentioned mining solution enables communication between the individual components in the BTC mining environment, thus enabling interactions using streamlined as well as attack-resistant and secure technological assets.

The USDT issuer remains focused on the digital currency sector

An interesting fact is that despite the repression by US regulators aimed at cryptocurrency companies, the Tether project remains strongly focused on the further development of this innovative industry.

During the current year, the company that issues USDT, after announcing its intention to allocate part of its monthly profits to the purchase of Bitcoin, also declared its growing share in the "green" mining of this virtual currency. To achieve this goal, Tether has partnered with a local company operating in Uruguay.