UpdatesApr 14, 2023

Solana Labs launches Saga cryptocurrency phone

A popular cryptocurrency project enters the phone manufacturing market

The cryptocurrency smartphone from Solana Labs will go on sale to the public on May 8. As reported in the press release, users who pre-purchased the aforementioned device may already be looking for a courier, This is because the company has already shipped all orders placed. What is known about the call from Solana?

Solana's Saga smartphone: a game changer for cryptocurrency adoption

Solana Labs is famous for constantly trying new solutions to influence the wide adoption of cryptocurrencies in society. After a very unsuccessful business adventure with their two stationary points in the United States, the company's managers hope that their smartphone called Saga will be a real game changer.

In June last year, reports circulated around the world that an innovative cryptocurrency Android-based mobile phone was to appear on the market to support the rapid development of the Web3 sector. The Solana Mobile device - Saga - is based on OSOM hardware from scratch.

The cost of this smartphone is currently $ 1,000. The phone has a relatively large built-in memory with a capacity of 512GB, two versatile rear camera lenses, a modern 6.67-inch OLED display, and a fingerprint scanner.

Solana Mobile: integrating cryptocurrency functions into everyday use

Solana focused primarily on functions related to the cryptocurrency sector. The company offers a lot of practical additions that are designed to integrate smartphone users with the world of digital currencies. As for the built-in functions offered by the device from this popular cryptocurrency company, these include: implemented security function "Solana Mobile Stack" (SMS). It allows for convenient transfer and trading of cryptographic assets. Furthermore, the phone includes a seed vault where investors can safely store their private keys. As Solana assures, users keeping their private keys (which the company describes as "critical data") separated from the rest of the data on the mobile device increases their security against external attacks.

In addition, Saga includes a dedicated "DApp Shop" feature, which essentially offers a list of cryptocurrency apps. At the current stage, only a dozen tools can be downloaded, which include benefits such as cryptocurrency trading, communication between wallets and also digital collectibles. During the ongoing marketing campaign, Solana Labs ensured that the number of applications would increase rapidly.

The company has also guaranteed that phone buyers will not be charged additional fees for applications that will be added to the DApps store. This is a challenge to the 30% commission that companies like Apple and Google take from their storefronts. Solana informed potential buyers that Saga is to be fully independent of the Google Play system.