UpdatesMay 28, 2023

Robert Kiyosaki warns investors! “US is bankrupt, buy Bitcoin and gold”

Potential bankruptcy and massive US debt: Kiyosaki reveals scary numbers.

Robert Kiyosaki, the well-known and respected author of the bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad, once again encourages all his followers to invest in BTC, gold and silver. In his latest tweet, Kiyosaki is extremely critical of US politicians who are debating increasing the US debt limit by $30 trillion, calling it "kabuki theatre".

Bitcoin, gold and silver as the best investment alternatives

In Kiyosaki's opinion, the facts are inexorable - the US is bankrupt today. The American author again draws attention to the gigantic unfunded social security liabilities in the United States, which currently amount to over 250 trillion dollars! Moreover, Kiyosaki mentions "derivative assets" that function in the financial market, which are measured by capital market analysts in quadrillions (thousands of trillions of dollars). In light of these figures, a widely respected American author expresses his surprise and uses the abbreviation "WTF" in his tweet in response to this situation.

In view of this data, Kiyosaki once again strongly encourages his followers and all investors to buy "G, S, BC", which means gold, silver and Bitcoins. The author argues that these three assets will most likely be a safe haven for investors' accumulated savings in the face of huge uncertainty that currently prevails on the financial market and a potential economic crisis that is looming on the horizon.

Robert Kiyosaki has long been an enthusiast of the idea of investing in assets such as gold, silver and digital currencies (especially BTC) as a means of protection against the rising tide of inflation and financial inequality. His recent high-profile tweet is another signal to his followers on a range of social media to seriously consider new methods of securing their wealth by judiciously diversifying investments into a dispersed portfolio of assets.

In the face of ever-increasing sovereign debts and potential threats to the stability of financial markets, Kiyosaki's advice has the potential to find wide acceptance among those who are currently looking for ways to secure their wealth, as well as create long-term and responsible financial stability.

It is worth keeping in mind that, however, as always, it is important for each investor to independently examine and recognize the risks associated with various types of investments in these assets and to make well-considered and reasonable decisions in accordance with their own risk profile, as well as with previously established investment goals.