UpdatesSep 14, 2022

Opera Crypto browser integrated with MetaMask

Opera has added many new elements to its Web3 oriented internet browser

Opera Crypto - a web browser designed to work with decentralized applications (dApps) has introduced a significant extension of its functions. As part of the latest update, among others, integration with the popular cryptocurrency wallet - MetaMask. It currently supports all ERC-20 and NFT tokens that operate on Ethereum and on several other blockchains. The addition of the newest feature happened just before the upcoming The Merge.

Crypto Opera already integrated with MetaMask

The Opera Crypto desktop and mobile web browser which is primarily Web3 focused has added a number of new features recently. The company based in Oslo talks about the update as one of the most important milestones since it was founded.

Opera Crypto has integrated with a well-known browser wallet that supports, inter alia, tokens issued in the Ethereum network. The company that owns the browser wanted this to happen before The Merge. As part of this update of the Ethereum network, which is the second largest cryptocurrency project, the consensus mechanism will be changed from the current Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS).

In an announcement made available to the media, Opera's cryptocurrency manager, Susie Batt, stated that the combination of the ETH core network with the Beacon Chain is the most important technological upgrade in the history of digital currencies. In her opinion, this update will make Ethereum much more scalable, secure, sustainable and also mainstream ready.

Launching the new crypto browser

Opera Crypto Browser has been active since January this year. It works with the traditional Web2 browser. In addition to the built-in support for decentralized applications, it has also been equipped with a dedicated access point to the latest news from the cryptocurrency sector, price indicators and much similar content.

The desktop version of this browser supports the Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon networks, while in the case of the mobile it is additionally Celo, FIO and Near.

A newly introduced feature known as Wallet Selector allows users to select any wallet extension available from the Google, Chrome or Opera store.

"The built-in browser selector allows you to easily switch between different wallets using an extremely intuitive user interface" - stated in the press release. It is worth emphasizing that there are no additional security risks here, as this feature does not have access to passwords or private keys used in extensions from other companies.

The Opera Crypto browser has recently established cooperation with DappRadar, which is a well-known platform that aggregates data from sectors such as DeFi and NFT. This partnership will enable Opera users to access all important metrics.

Among other important implementations, the latest update also introduced the ability to detect phishing attacks. Pages on the suspicious list are automatically blocked by it. As part of the update, the clipboard protection function has also been added, thanks to which copied addresses or account numbers will not change after pasting.

Opera Crypto has already announced that it will also release several other cryptographic address checking tools in the coming weeks to make sure all users interact with trusted smart contracts and protect them from potential fraud.