UpdatesJun 05, 2023

Missing cryptocurrency millionaire found dead

The co-founder of the ONFO cryptocurrency project is dead. Police found his body a week after he was reported missing.

The body of a man who was included in the Forbes list of bitcoin millionaires in 2020 was found with a gunshot wound to the head. John Forsyth was not only a well-known cryptocurrency investor, but also a co-founder of one of the important projects in this industry. Together with his brother, he founded the investment platform ONFO, which was heavily promoted with marketing suggestions that the US dollar would collapse.

Missing cryptocurrency millionaire found dead

Dr. John Forsyth, presented some time ago by Forbes as a man who encountered cryptography and digital currencies during his mathematical studies, and then started investing in BTC, is dead. This man has long been on the Bitcoin Millionaires list of the popular American business biweekly in 2020.

3 years ago, together with his brother Richard, the 49-year-old successfully launched a project based on blockchain technology called ONFO. It was the promise of a decentralized digital currency that encouraged traders to invest, indicating a high increase in value. This cryptocurrency was intensively promoted as a means that would liberate people from the restrictions imposed by banks and government institutions.

John Forsyth was reported missing on May 21 after the businessman failed to show up for his duty at Mercy Hospital in Cassville, Missouri. His desperate family also searched social media for information about his potential whereabouts.

It is worth adding that the local police found the car of the missing American on May 28, less than a mile from the hospital where he worked. Inside the open vehicle were his documents and phone. Soon, the public learned about the tragedy, because the body was found two days later, in a place far from where the entrepreneur was last seen. The deceased had a gunshot wound to the head, and US investigators initially assumed it could have been suicide. At this point, it should be added that his brother, however, is of a different opinion. This is because after the death was revealed, it turned out that the American entrepreneur had made many dangerous enemies in the digital currency sector.

ONFO and a number of worrying factors

It is impossible not to get the impression that looking closely at the ONFO project, it is easy to pick up a few disturbing factors. First, to become part of this rapidly growing community, you must first use a referral code obtained from another member of this project. The information about the potential possibility of quick earning, which is posted on the website of this project, also raises anxiety.

People managing this project claim on the official website promoting ONFO that the community centered around this digital currency can earn money by recommending it to friends, thus generating a special code on the platform. So it sounds like a typical MLM. In addition, the creators of the project pointed out that allegedly this cryptocurrency also has high utility. This is because it can supposedly be sent anywhere in the world in just a few seconds.