UpdatesDec 15, 2022

MetaMask allows the purchase of Ethereum (ETH) via PayPal

The popular cryptocurrency browser wallet has introduced another facility for its users.

According to an announcement made by PayPal on Wednesday, December 14, this platform has undergone MetaMask integration. Thanks to it, all users of the popular browser wallet from the United States will soon be able to purchase the second largest cryptocurrency using an application designed for online payments.

MetaMask introduces the purchase of Ethereum with PayPal

According to an announcement issued on Wednesday by the US financial services company offering payment services, it has undergone integration with the popular cryptocurrency browser wallet MetaMask. As part of it, selected customers from the United States gained the opportunity to buy ETH using the PayPal application.

Everything is supposed to work similarly to online stores like eBay and Etsy. This integration allows users to buy and transfer ETH by logging into MetaMask, then going to the “buy” button and logging into PayPal.

As of yesterday, the new feature can be used by some American MetaMask customers. This will be rolled out to all US users in the coming weeks.

Easier entry into Web3

Cryptocurrency wallets like MetaMask often become a point of integration with various Web3 applications, for example play-to-earn games, as well as metaverse platforms. Integration with PayPal could broaden the customer base for some of these apps due to the removal of the complexity of purchasing digital currencies.

“The integration with PayPal will allow our American users not only to seamlessly buy virtual currencies through MetaMask, but also to explore the entire Web3 ecosystem in an extremely simple and convenient way,” emphasized Lorenzo Santos (product manager at MetaMask).

Over the past few years, PayPal has already taken some steps towards the cryptocurrency sector. For example, in 2020, this company allowed its customers to buy, store and sell digital currencies for the first time. In June this year, PayPal made it possible to send crypto assets to external cryptographic addresses.