UpdatesSep 26, 2023

Mark Cuban was robbed. Nearly $870,000 was stolen from his MetaMask wallet

An American billionaire fell victim to a hacker scam.

Cybercriminals who constantly hunt for digital currencies are once again reminding themselves in a loud way. This time, their victim was a well-known American investor who, among other things, owned the Dallas Mavericks basketball team. This is, of course, about Mark Cuban, who is also a great enthusiast of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As one of the blockchain detectives recently discovered, a hot wallet based on the MetaMask infrastructure, used by a popular American businessman, was compromised. As a result of this event, approximately $870,000 in cryptocurrencies were withdrawn from Mark Cuban's wallet.

Mark Cuban robbed by hackers

A billionaire from the United States, well-known in the digital currency community, fell victim to a hacker or an entire hacker group who robbed an American of approximately $870,000. As it later turned out, his address in the popular MetaMask browser wallet was compromised, which ultimately resulted in a series of withdrawals to other cryptocurrency addresses, unauthorized by the owner of the funds.

It is worth adding here that the case was first discovered by an independent detective who tracks cryptocurrency transfers on various blockchains. In this case, it's a character known to the digital currency community as Wazz. This person announced it quite recently, on Friday, September 15, in the evening on the X platform (formerly Twitter).

What makes the case even more interesting is the fact that Cuban's address in the MetaMask wallet has remained inactive for at least the last six months, which clearly proves that the hacker must have been closely monitoring the American investor's cryptocurrency funds for a long time. This is because this information was provided by the injured businessman.

The case is scandalous because in less than 10 minutes, a lot of funds in such digital currencies as Lido, USDT (Tether), Staked Ether (stETH) and USD Coin (USDC) suddenly flowed from the address belonging to the American investor.

According to what was additionally observed by a recognizable blockchain detective, approximately $2 million in USDC left the wallet mentioned above, however, it later turned out that it was Mark Cuban himself who sent these funds to the Coinbase exchange wallet out of concern for their safety in the address compromised by the hacker.

MetaMask wallet with malware

However, it is worth considering how all MetaMask security measures, which were intended to protect Cuban digital currencies as their primary task, could have been breached? During the discussion on Platform X, the cryptocurrency community heavily speculated that this was probably the result of some type of phishing attack.

The American entrepreneur agreed with this position and stated that he must have unknowingly downloaded an update of the MetaMask application with some malware.

– I'm almost certain that I downloaded a version of the MetaMask wallet with some crap on it – summed up Cuban in a conversation with a journalist from DL News.