UpdatesNov 20, 2022

KPMG Australia explores metaverse for business transformation

The Australian branch of an international network of audit and advisory firms is exploring how revolutionary technology could transform its business model

KPMG Futures partner James Mabbott recently revealed that the company sees new and more efficient methods of interaction between companies and consumers. In his opinion, platforms focused on metaverse technology can bring many benefits. The aforementioned manager primarily indicates the possibility of increasing customer engagement and opening a stream of additional revenues.

KPMG enters the metaverse

James Mabbott of KPMG Futures revealed that the company is looking at the opportunities offered by metaverse technology. In his opinion, this digital space is able to provide many real applications in a wide range of business areas.

The latest media reports show that the Australian branch of KPMG may in the near future organize important meetings and conclude multi-million transactions in the metaverse space. The company is currently doing extensive research into how metaverse technology could transform its business model.

In the opinion of James Mabbott, platforms operating in the metaverse area will not only be something revolutionary that can distinguish a given company on the market. The manager also sees these projects as a source of additional income.

"What we want to do is explore the potential for creating new business models and discovering new resources thanks to technology that is fundamentally changing the way we deliver our services," he told the Cointelegraph news service.

KPMG's effort towards Web3

KPMG recently appointed Alyse Sue as the first head of Metaverse Futures. She will be responsible for leading and supervising the construction of new business models using metaverse technology. All of this has to do with KPMG's growing ambition to develop a range of additional metaverse business opportunities by 2025.

This international giant has also launched a new platform based on the KPMG Origins blockchain technology. The system is designed to help market partners to conduct cross-border business activities.

In June this year, KPMG invested over USD 30 million on training American and Canadian employees in the field of Web3.