UpdatesFeb 01, 2023

Institutional investors are putting capital into BTC at a rate not seen in 6 months

According to the latest report from CoinShares, significant investors have started investing in the Bitcoin market after a long hiatus.

A well-known digital asset manager has published a report on digital currencies. In it, he noted that institutional investors began putting capital into BTC at a rate not seen in the last 6 months. This is a significant recovery after a long period of stagnation. According to the data provided, “digital asset investment products of all kinds saw an inflow of $117 million last week, with investors focused almost exclusively on Bitcoin.”

Institutional investors put their capital into BTC

The well-known digital asset manager shared his insights on the leading cryptocurrency in his latest report. It shows that in addition to retail investors, institutional traders have recently become interested in Bitcoin.

According to CoinShares, large investors are pouring money into BTC at a rate not seen in the last 6 months. After a long period of stagnation on the market of this cryptocurrency, there is finally a revival.

According to the data presented, investment products in digital assets last week recorded the largest inflow since July 2022 - this inflow amounted to USD 117 million. Moreover, the focus was mainly on Bitcoin. Last week, it reported an inflow of investment capital of $116 million.

In addition, it was also noted that there were small inflows to short positions in BTC in the amount of $4.4 million. These trades bring profit to the accounts when the price of the leading cryptocurrency leaves the diving chart direction.

Significant observations included: multi-asset investment products experienced an outflow for the 9th consecutive week. This outflow was estimated at $6.4 million. In addition to BTC, investment products related to Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL) can boast significantly greater inflows of funds.

Optimism about Bitcoin is growing

BTC investors broke free from the trap of fear. According to the Fear and Greed Index by alternative.me, the sentiment currently prevailing in the Bitcoin market is neutral. Over the past 7 days, this cryptocurrency has experienced minor price movements. In the daily range, they were also not significant. Currently, the oldest cryptocurrency passes from hand to hand above the price of $ 23,000 per coin.