DeFiJul 24, 2023

Hackers hacked into the account of the founder of the Uniswap protocol to then promote the scam

A malicious link to a phishing website was posted on Hayden Adams' Twitter account.

Experienced members of the broadly understood digital currency community quickly sensed the scam and immediately warned other users about the trap that had been set for them by hackers. In order not to look far, for example, the “Web3 Security Alerts” channel reported via its Telegram account that the account belonging to the popular founder of the universally recognized decentralized exchange Uniswap was hacked on July 20 this year.

Hackers hacked the Twitter account of the founder of Uniswap

The digital currency community has issued a warning about extremely suspicious tweets recently posted on Hayden Adams' account. All these events took place last Thursday, on July 20 this year. It is worth noting that the first entry published by the hackers was available for a few minutes before it was deleted.

The profile of the Uniswap founder was used to post several additional tweets of a similar nature. Vigilant observers in the cryptocurrency community warned the rest of investors about the scam of links to phishing sites. It is worth being aware of the fact that these websites were designed to steal data, especially private keys.

At this stage, we should not shy away from the fact that recent events are not an isolated incident. In addition to creating fraudulent social media accounts designed to imitate well-known people and companies, scammers and hackers of all kinds are increasingly making decisions aimed at hacking official profiles. Due to this form of criminal activity, the content they publish is treated with less caution by users of the cryptocurrency world.

The disturbing phenomenon is that some people are willing to believe in the given tips and periodically use the website created by hackers. Such actions lead to the fact that misled investors are deprived of funds in digital currencies.

Twitter plans to fight scammers and hackers

A popular businessman and the new owner of Twitter - Elon Musk officially announced on July 1 this year that his platform decided to limit the number of posts that users will be able to read every day for a certain period of time. The operation, led by the team responsible for managing Twitter, aims to detect and eliminate fraudsters and bots created by them.

The restrictions that have recently been introduced by Twitter definitely did not appeal to the users of this popular platform. It is worth noting that at the beginning of July this year, Meta launched its platform, which is a competitor to Twitter. The company that is part of the Facebook ecosystem has been named Threads. Unfortunately, although over 100 million users around the world have already registered this application, it has also become a hotbed for scammers and other types of criminals. This is because these people have started impersonating people and companies that have not yet joined Threads at this stage. Fictitious accounts are used to illegally extort funds and defraud users.