UpdatesApr 09, 2023

Threats and Lawsuits: Cryptocurrency Influencer vs. Miami Lawyer

Crypto influencer's fans launch attacks on a lawyer Adam Moskowitz's lawsuit, prompting security concerns

Supporters and enthusiasts of the well-known cryptocurrency influencer Ben Armstrong, alias "Bitboy", began attacking the lawyer who filed a lawsuit against this crypto personality and many other people. Adam Moskowitz took legal action on behalf of clients injured after the collapse of the FTX exchange. Now this lawyer feels threatened due to the numerous threats received from the influencer, as well as his fans. For this reason, he contacted the FBI and the Miami police.

Fans of the popular cryptocurrency influencer attack a well-known lawyer from Miami

The founder and managing partner of the Moskowitz Law Firm has complained that he has started receiving threats since he filed a class action lawsuit in March this year against a number of crypto influencers - including the creator of the Bitboy channel. The lawyer's clients are seeking as much as $1 billion in damages and claim that Ben Armstrong and other influencers promoted the sale of unregistered securities. The injured persons additionally claim that the influencers participated in a paid partnership with the FTX cryptocurrency exchange.

Not only Adam Moskowitz is intimidated, but also his family. The lawyer stressed that he took the matter of threats directed at him very seriously and reported it to the FBI and local police. The lawyer admitted that he is afraid of what Bitboy's supporters are capable of.

Ben Armstrong has been intensively inciting hatred against Adam Moskowitz through his social media accounts for the last few weeks or so. For example, on his Twitter account, he shares screenshots of e-mails sent to a lawyer in which he strongly insults him.

According to the court filing, Bitboy also recorded profanity-laden voicemails to Moskowitz Law. In one of them, he threatens that the addresses of Adam Moskowitz and his associates from the law firm are circulating on Reddit.

Bitboy doesn't feel guilty

Commenting on the situation, Ben Armstrong noted that he does not believe that Adam Moskowitz is a victim. Armstrong added that the lawyer himself had caused his troubles with the cryptocurrency community. The influencer, referring to the numerous threats directed by his followers towards the lawyer, said that Moskowitz should be afraid of what awaits him in court.

The cryptocurrency influencer claims that he has never spoken to anyone from the FTX exchange or any intermediary acting on behalf of this company. He added that the allegations against him are 100% false and it will be extremely easy to prove it.

Adam Moskowitz noted, however, that during the 30 years of his career, he has filed many lawsuits and has never encountered such aggression as Bitboy is currently presenting.