AssetsJul 09, 2023

Bitcoin 12th largest global asset. The BTC price has increased by nearly 90% since the beginning of 2023.

The oldest of the digital currencies experienced a strong increase in value in the first half of this year.

Bitcoin's upward price rally continues. Currently, the oldest cryptocurrency changes hands over the level of 31.1 thousand dollars for one coin. Since the price low of 2023, the BTC rate has increased by roughly 90%. This means that this cryptocurrency currently ranks 12th as the largest global asset by market capitalization.

BTC with a visible price increase in 2023

The year 2023 turned out to be extremely positive for the oldest cryptocurrency. After the BTC price dropped to just $16,500 in early January this year, it spectacularly climbed above the psychological $30,000 per coin line a few months later. Currently, a single Bitcoin passes from hand to hand at a price of about $31.1 thousand. It is worth noting that since the beginning of the year, the largest of the cryptocurrencies has gained in value by nearly 90%.

The impressive result of BTC against the background of a number of other popular assets was presented, among others, by a respected Chinese journalist who specializes in the blockchain industry - Colin Wu. On the 1st of July this year, this man presented his insights via his Twitter account.

“All available data illustrates that in the first half of 2023, BTC has grown by 83.8%, taking a sensational first place, far outperforming other major assets in the world,” noted Colin Wu. At exactly the same time, the Nasdaq index gained only 31.7%, which allowed it to take second place anyway.

The above-mentioned Chinese journalist compiled an exceptionally wide range of results from the first half of 2023 in his tweet. These results refer to the recorded rates of return by leading assets and investment stocks. The tweet covered the Nasdaq, Nikkei 225, Euro Stoxx 50, German DAX, Shanghai Composite, S&P 500, as well as major fiat currencies such as the pound, yuan, yen, ruble and 10-year US Treasuries. .

BTC 12th largest global financial asset

Since the end of 2022, the oldest of the cryptocurrencies has been promoted from 14th to 12th position in the ranking of the largest global financial assets in terms of market capitalization. Bitcoin overtook companies such as TSMC and Visa.

Returning to Bitcoin, it should be said that the next asset that may be overtaken by the oldest cryptocurrency is Meta. The market capitalization of the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg is currently $735.17 billion. The first place in the same ranking is occupied by gold, and the second by Apple.