UpdatesJun 15, 2023

Apple's removal of the tipping feature in Bitcoin is an unwise decision, Elon Musk has stated

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX expressed his disapproval of the Cupertino-based company's decision to remove from its store an application that allows tipping in the oldest cryptocurrency.

American tech mogul Elon Musk has recently expressed his strong disapproval of Apple's latest plans to remove the popular Damus app from its store. This action is primarily related to the function of tips in BTC, which users of this social network could reward themselves with.

Elon Musk embittered by Apple's potential decision

A well-known American entrepreneur who, among others, is the CEO of companies such as Tesla or SpaceX, does not approve of the recent decision to get rid of the BTC utility-enhancing social app from the AppStore. The Bitcoin tipping feature has been very popular with Damus users.

Using the oldest digital currency, content creators were able to receive regular support for their efforts from their audience. Taking this into account, this leads to the conclusion that this feature not only increased traffic and engagement in the above-mentioned application, but also greatly contributed to popularizing the idea of ​​adopting digital currencies to the mainstream.

In addition to the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, other critics have felt that such centralization introduces nonsensical barriers to technological innovation, stifles competition in modern markets, and for no reason limits users' freedom to interact with increasingly popular digital assets.

The broadly understood digital currency community has always valued decentralization and a high level of autonomy in particular. Widespread use of decentralized financial applications and open source platforms is promoted among enthusiasts of this asset class.

Access to digital currencies should be universal

Most cryptocurrency holders are constantly pushing for solutions that guarantee the rapid development of innovation. In recent discussions over Apple's decision, the digital currency community has opted for a more decentralized and integrated approach to this issue. Moreover, these people want to exercise much greater control over their financial operations and for this purpose they strive to free themselves from unnecessary and outdated restrictions that have been imposed for many years by centralized intermediaries.