DeFiMar 06, 2023

Apple is in dispute with another company from the cryptocurrency market

The tech giant from the United States is fighting against digital currencies.

From time to time, Apple makes it clear that it is not willing to support the cryptocurrency industry. After the tech giant had a minor feud with Coinbase in December, Apple is now unable to reach an amicable settlement with Uniswap.

Apple blocks the premiere of the wallet created by Uniswap

Although there are quite a lot of applications related to cryptocurrencies in the App Store from Apple, one could get the impression that this company is a bit in opposition to digital currencies. In the past, it happened many times that Apple had some disputes with representatives of this sector.

The latest example of this is the situation with the cryptocurrency company Uniswap Labs, the entity behind the decentralized exchange based on Ethereum. Uniswap recently announced the launch of its digital wallet for mobile devices.

Although the first test versions of the application underwent appropriate audits already at the stage of October 2022, Apple finally rejected the finished application project just a few days before its premiere in December. The exchange reportedly contacted the company, responding to all its concerns and objections and ensuring that their product complies with all guidelines.

However, Apple is still blocking the launch of the wallet in their app store for unknown reasons. So the main version of the wallet from Uniswap is still in uncertainty. Users can only use the Testflight version.

"Apple won't agree to our launch and we don't know why. We're stuck in limbo, reports Uniswap.

What do we know about the parameters of the Uniswap wallet?

The digital wallet from the Uniswap exchange is to offer users the exchange of cryptocurrencies between layer 1 or 2 networks without the need to switch blockchains.

What's more, customers will be able to check the price charts of their assets through it, search for coin data on various blockchains, including Ethereum, Optimism Polygon and Arbitrum. As reported, the wallet from Uniswap has passed all necessary audits and tests by Trail of Bits.

The important information is that initial phrases and private keys from imported and newly created wallets are to be encrypted and stored on devices using the Apple secure zone, which is not subject to any backup.

As reported by Uniswap, customers can also store their seed phrases using iCloud.