UpdatesApr 27, 2023

Apple has removed the Bitcoin White Paper from its system

The American company producing computers deletes data on the oldest cryptocurrency.

In early April this year, the world was informed that a technology blogger discovered a hidden file containing the Bitcoin White Paper in macOS from Apple. It was unclear how this data got there, although the cryptocurrency community treated this fact as a kind of funny curiosity. It is worth adding that Apple has not once referred to this situation. Moreover, it has now been reported that Whitepaper BTC has been removed by the Apple team.

Apple does not want to be associated with BTC

US tech giant Apple has quietly removed the legendary Bitcoin White Paper from the latest version of its operating system update. As reported by the authorities of this company, on April 25, the 9to5Mac website, led by Steve Wozniak, deleted the Virtual Scanner II test application, which contained a document developed by Satoshi Nakamoto.

It is worth adding here that on April 5, a blogger - Andy Baio - published a post in which he shared his discovery about technical decommentation related to Bitcoin. It turned out that Whitepaper BTC has been on every MacOS device for at least 5 years.

The manifesto of the creator of the first cryptocurrency was in the Virtual Scanner II application. This application was included in the macOS feature package. So far, it has not been possible to explain the origin of how this document ended up in Apple's software, however, the cryptocurrency community suspects that it was some kind of prank by Apple engineers.

There have been many theories in the public space suggesting that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs may be the mysterious cryptographer behind the notorious pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Everything indicates, however, that the company did not like the narrative regarding this event and the American tech giant therefore decided to remove the document related to BTC from the latest version of its system.

The Bitcoin White Paper could easily be found in the folder from the Image Capture application and other seemingly random files, such as PDFs and images. 9to5Mac recently commented on Apple's removal of the document with the following words:

“The whole situation and our reaction strongly confirms our original theory that both the Bitcoin White Paper and the internal tool were never intended to be found by ordinary users of our applications.