UpdatesJul 06, 2023

AI jobs are slowly becoming more popular than those related to Web3

Artificial intelligence is becoming a more popular option on the labor market than the cryptocurrency sector.

The latest analysis recently conducted by the popular CoinGecko platform, which aggregates data, shows that AI wins over Web3 on the labor market. It turns out that during the current year, interested people search for jobs related to artificial intelligence with a much higher frequency than those related to Web3.

AI jobs beat Web3

An increasingly recognizable trend is that artificial intelligence has become a clear winner in the fight for job seekers. According to a number of data based on searches on the most popular search engine, which is Google, interest in jobs related to both AI and digital currencies experienced a strong increase in 2022.

However, a decisive breakthrough came after the fact, when ChatGPT was launched in mid-November 2022, and a few months later it was made available for free for public use. Since then, job seekers have shown more interest in the AI sector.

Based on the data provided by CoinGecko during 2023, searches for jobs related to AI reached their historical peak, overtaking Web3 by as much as 5 times. Over the past few years, digital currencies have tended to dominate the AI industry in terms of job volume.

It is worth noting that the methodology on which the CoinGecko platform is based uses a complex rank scoring system to determine “search interest”. At this point, it is advisable to remember that it includes search data from Google from around the world. This means that these results may not necessarily reflect the interests of individual users, primarily due to the fact that Google is not the main search engine in every geographic area in the world.

Among other interesting observations, experts from the Coin Geko platform put the fact that by far the largest volume of job searches related to artificial intelligence and digital currencies was recorded in Singapore.