UpdatesMar 31, 2023

The truth behind Matt Damon's Crypto.com advertisement

Matt Damon revealed that the cryptocurrency exchange donated $1 million to his charitable foundation in return.

The popular American actor, screenwriter, film producer and philanthropist, as well as the winner of the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Good Will Hunting, explained why he agreed to take part in an advertisement for a cryptocurrency trading platform called Crypto.com. Matt Damon revealed that the main reason for his involvement in paid promotion was to raise $ 1 million from this company for his own charitable foundation.

The famous actor explains why he agreed to the proposal from Crypto.com

Matt Damon partnered with the popular crypto asset trading platform in 2021 to be the face of its marketing campaign. This advertisement, which was displayed under the slogan "Fortune favors the brave", met with a lot of criticism from basically the entire cryptocurrency community.

In one of the recent interviews, the American actor admitted that his main motivation for participating in this project was that he raised $1 million from Crypto.com for his charity foundation.

Crypto.com undertook many collaborations with famous people during 2021 in connection with the ongoing bull market in the digital currency sector at that time. By far the most popular advertising campaign of this platform was the one shot with the participation of Matt Damon.

Inexperienced investors could potentially lose money

Criticism in connection with the participation of an American movie star in an advertisement for a digital currency exchange was mainly related to the fact that it could encourage inexperienced traders to enter a sector they do not understand at all. Due to the instability and high volatility of cryptocurrency prices, people encouraged by Matt Damon may have unknowingly made investment decisions.

However, Matt Damon emphasized that the only reason he took part in the Crypto.com advertising campaign was that he was trying to raise funds for water.org. All the money raised this way went to this organization. In addition, he emphasized that he is grateful to this company for donating $ 1 million to his foundation.