UpdatesApr 22, 2023

A basketball player who promoted the FTX cryptocurrency exchange received a lawsuit from the Moskowitz law firm

According to the plaintiff in the trial, the athlete and celebrity has been hiding for the last 3 months.

A well-known American basketball player - Shaquille O'Neal received a lawsuit in which he was accused of promoting the bankrupt FTX derivatives exchange. This platform collapsed in November 2022, and a number of its clients and investors were left without funds. Lawyers from the law firm Moskowitz filed a class action lawsuit against many influencers - including cryptocurrency YouTuber Ben Armstrong known under the pseudonym Bitboy. The latest rumors in this case indicate that Shaquille O'Neal has reportedly been elusive for months.

A basketball player promoting FTX received a lawsuit

Law firm Moskowitz filed a class action lawsuit against a number of high-profile personalities who, according to these lawyers, were paid to promote the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange founded by Sam Bankman-Fried before it collapsed, without disclosing that they received financial benefits for it.

Lawyers made every effort to get the lawsuit to Shaquille O'Neal before Monday. They were determined enough to ask the judge in charge of the FTX case to let them deliver the lawsuit to the basketball player via Twitter, Instagram or email. However, this request was ultimately rejected.

According to reports from the law firm Moskowitz, the basketball star was elusive for about three months. A copy of the lawsuit was delivered to the former athlete only on Sunday in the yard in front of Shaquille O'Neal's house.

The lawyers also pointed out that the man had previously been hiding from them for some time. Although the American regularly appeared on television and also hosts his own podcast and acts as a DJ, the plaintiffs had significant difficulties in officially notifying him that he was being sued.

Unfortunately for the basketball player , video cameras in front of his property recorded the moment of handing over the lawsuit . As a result, the law firm Moskowitz made a quick request to the court that this evidence could not be destroyed, as it must be preserved for the purposes of the lawsuit and subsequent trial.

"Mr. O'Neal will now have to appear in federal court and explain to millions of his supporters a false advertising campaign in which he was heavily involved, which was called "FTX: I Am All In," the lawyers said.

Targeting multiple celebrities and influencers

In addition, the behavior of a popular cryptocurrency YouTuber who runs the Bitboy channel has recently become loud in the United States. This person was also named in the same lawsuit by the law firm Moskowitz. Fans of this influencer and he himself began to aggressively attack Adam Moskowitz. In connection with this practice, Ben Armstrong was summoned to court to explain the harassment of a lawyer.

It is worth noting that Shaquille O'Neal admitted after the collapse of FTX that he conducted marketing activities for the now-defunct exchange and charged money for it, however, Bitboy still dismisses all charges, claiming that he never took any money for these activities.