Binary options are a financial derivative instrument for traders whose strategy is to profit from short-term price movements, thus avoiding the complexity and potential risks associated with traditional digital currency investing. Experienced traders who invest in cryptocurrency binary options contracts are fully aware of the fact that using cryptocurrency based binary options to multiply capital is only possible if you use a reliable broker that provides prices of individual assets in real time . Such a platform is Tytanid, which, thanks to integration with a decentralized network of nodes from Chainlink, provides current asset prices 24/7. If you are not advanced in trading cryptocurrency assets, this article will shed light on the questions and concerns you may encounter when investing in binary options derivatives that are based on cryptocurrencies.

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are digital units of settlement designed to be used as a medium of exchange. They use cryptography - a set of mathematical techniques for secure transaction processing - to ensure transaction transparency and verification. In turn, the blockchain technology, which underlies all cryptocurrencies, guarantees the reliability of settlements within a given ecosystem of a particular cryptocurrency in such a way that everything takes place without the participation of third parties.

The most popular cryptocurrencies commonly include projects such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Monero, etc. It is important that each of the cryptocurrency projects has its own settlement units and has certain characteristics that will make these initiatives a diverse investment palette depending on risk appetite and potential returns.

How do cryptocurrency binary options work?

In simple terms, binary options trading consists in predicting whether the price of a given cryptographic asset will increase (call) or fall (put) in a certain time interval, which is called by traders the expiration period.

If you correctly predict the rise or fall of the underlying cryptocurrency, you will get a return that is generated based on the difference between what you predicted when opening the contract and closing it at expiration. At this point, the important thing you should understand is that if you incorrectly predict an increase or decrease in value, then no payout is due. This is because prices have moved in the opposite direction of your forecast, causing losses on the side of the market you have chosen.

Key elements of cryptocurrency binary options trading

The first step you should take is to understand the basics of trading this derivative. Start with an in-depth analysis of what cryptocurrencies are and how they work. Next, take the right amount of time to learn how binary options work, as well as the individual trading strategies that are used by experienced investors. Remember that you should choose the strategy or strategies that best suit your character trait. Knowing these basic issues will help you build the confidence that your decisions are made consciously and you understand how to multiply your capital using binary options cryptocurrency contracts.

An additional element that you should constantly take care of is that you are up to date with the news from the world of cryptocurrencies. If you regularly study digital currency data, it will definitely help you anticipate trends and correctly identify potential investment opportunities as they arise. You can use the platform for this purpose, where you will find a lot of valuable and latest information from the cryptocurrency sector for free.

Be sure to find out what fees different exchanges offer before you choose a broker - comparing costs and commissions between providers of cryptocurrency and binary options financial products can save you time and money over time.

Decentralized finance and binary options

The latest trend in the world of cryptocurrencies is the DeFi sector. To put it simply, it is a series of financial applications managed by smart contracts that have been audited and work automatically without any human intervention. Tytanid is a fully decentralized investment platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that offers binary options trading where the investor can choose the underlying instruments from four categories which include:

- Cryptocurrencies

- Fiat currencies

- Equity

- Commodities

The Tytanid platform is currently the most advanced provider of binary options derivatives in the DeFi sector. The exchange operator is registered in Switzerland, which is one of the largest financial centres in the world. In addition, the Tytanid Protocol offers the lowest transaction commissions on the market. If you plan to become a successful investor in cryptocurrency derivatives markets, take advantage of the many educational materials offered by Tytanid and start your adventure in the world of DeFi.

Lucas Komarnicki
Lucas Komarnicki
CEO | Tytanid