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Uniswap is a popular decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) that allows its users to trade multiple ERC-20 based tokens. Due to its decentralization, Uniswap is an attractive application mainly due to its low level of complexity. This platform differs from traditional exchanges in that it does not store user funds, and customers are not forced to provide their personal data, undergo verification procedures (KYC) or create an account. Moreover, like any DEX exchange, Uniswap does not use an order book to determine the price. Instead, it uses special formulas to match the price with the proportion of tokens in the liquidity pools. Uniswap users can earn money from the tokens they own by placing them in the exchange's liquidity pools.

UNI is a native Uniswap exchange token, which belongs to the so-called token governance, which means that its owners can take part in the management and development of the Uniswap platform. UNI owners can also make grants, form partnerships as well as provide liquidity. In the near future, the Uniswap team will cease to be directly involved in the project, and all decisions regarding the stock exchange will be made by UNI token holders.

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