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EOS is an open source blockchain designed to develop and operate decentralized applications (DApps). According to the data published in the white paper, the EOS blockchain is able to support thousands of DApp applications without delays in confirming transactions and without the need to incur high fees. The blockchain created by the team behind this project is intended to be fast, flexible and also future-oriented. EOS aims to enable developers, entrepreneurs and scientific institutions to create innovations based on blockchain technology.

Numerous cryptocurrency experts believe that the EOS blockchain is efficient and offers features that make it stand out from competing solutions. First, the EOS blockchain is highly customizable and developers can create decentralized applications using simple programming languages ​​such as C ++, Java, and Python. Second, this blockchain supports fast transactions, with a settlement speed of less than 0.5 seconds with 99.9% certainty. Finally, the EOS blockchain maintains data integrity and security through verification standards and end-to-end authentication.

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