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Celsius (CEL) is a platform constructed to allow users to trade currency with cryptocurrency and thus earn interest. The main goal of this project is to disrupt the financial industry, provide curated services to the users, abandoned by the banks like equitable interest, zero fees and quick transactions, and additionally help users achieve financial independence through crypto. The Celsius network management team aims to grow the lender and borrower community, defeat Wall Street using blockchain technology, and provide a number of benefits to members of this ecosystem.

CEL is a native token of the Celsius platform. This token is used by users to secure loans in traditional currency, using crypto as collateral. Protocol members who place coins in Celsius wallets can then earn CEL tokens as rewards for lending within that network. Celsius has ambitious goals for giving users access to a range of tools, such as the ability to pay interest on loans at a discount. In addition, the platform's management team strives to allow users to lend digital currencies to other participants to earn interest, as well as achieve a higher place in the community that affects the trust earned, which results in higher crypto interest rewards.

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