Solana (SOL)

Mar 15, 2023
Cryptocurrency is one of the major attractions among tech geeks and common people. The entire world is focusing on worthy investments with Crypto platforms. The modern-day digital currency is what makes the investment process seamless for investors and traders.    Solana Sol is one of those legal Crypto platforms supporting limitless transactions, by discouraging decentralization in all aspects. It runs on a synchronized structure with the updated history of transactions. The currency used by Solana is SOL for all purposes. Furthermore, it also allows the beholders to have a say in its modification and updates.   Solana is basically a Crypto computing platform that functions to gain high-speed transactions without hampering decentralization. It involves plenty of other approaches including the “proof of history”. Its currency SOL is majorly used for payment of transaction fees and staking purposes.   

What Makes Solana Compatible And Different?

  It’s an undeniable fact that Crypto has changed the concept of money throughout the world. It introduced virtual money transactions by having bitcoins in virtual wallets. People felt attracted to this idea and started making investments. But, with the availability of some loopholes like speed, some Cryptocurrency concerns need to be addressed.    Solana SOL comes as the perfect solution for the slow speed of Crypto transactions. One other comprehensive achievement of technology is “proof of history”. It possesses excellent speed with the assurance of quick transaction availability. Proof of History is one of the valid records by Solana ensuring safe and secure transactional processes. Numerous Crypto computer networks can have the same access to data with no or minimal communication.   

What Is Proof Of History?

  In simple words, ‘Proof of History’ is the validity that the transaction is already addressed or going to take place at said date and time. Thus, Solana saves you from the hassle of sorting and analyzing each block mined every minute. Solana basically blends the perfect combination of ‘Proof of stake’ and ‘Proof of history’.   

How does staking function with Solana?

  The system (computers) that are responsible for safeguarding the network are known as validators. One needs to possess high-end technical knowledge to become a validator. All participants can stake their own SOL to transform into a validator. All they need to do is exchange to get a new SOL along with a reduction in fees. It plays a key role as a “governance token” allowing the insurance holders to cast their valuable votes on governance proposals and future upgrades.   

What kinds of applications function on Solana?

  Solana is a handy computing platform providing interaction with smart contracts. Like Ethereum, smart contracts in this technology support a plethora of applications ranging from NFT markets, decentralized lotteries, and Defi games.    Some other applications running on Solana efficiently are landing apps, NFTs, Defi, and other gaming alternatives. These are trustworthy applications and deliver faster access and results. The best part of Solana applications is that they don’t involve too many investments. With the rising pace of scams in this domain, we recommend you conduct proper research before planning for any future investment.    The majority of Solana’s powerful applications include DEXs and others. Its widely expanded crypto app ecosystem is capable of supporting assets worth billions of dollars. One crucial factor is that users might run the app on Solana because of its high speed and low congestion rates. Thus, the entire process becomes quite affordable in all regards.    Solana Blockchain also supports other coins and wrapped-up assets. But, you need to be sure about the risks involved with the new crypto applications and technologies. Some of them are having potential risks of bugs and exploitation. In case you're a beginner, never invest in risking money that you can’t afford to lose.   

Final Word 

  Considering the new technology in the market, Solana comes with exclusive benefits in regard to speed and scalability. However, the enhanced adoption and use of the network are still not like other alternatives.    For now, Solana looks far more impressive in terms of speed in the Cryptocurrency world. With more traffic and use cases, things are going to be more clear and more streamlined in the future. A quick network is a reliable choice, but we can only experience the exact potential after more and more people start using it.